Sleep Training: Days 2 – 5



Remember the first day? “FIRST DAY OF SLEEP TRAINING: This is no joke!” Well, days 2-5 went pretty much the same way.


I think my son is unusually stubborn… (does every parent think that?)




We did “the routine” – I’ve been sticking to set nap and bed times – We’ve been stern yet loving… I’m hoping he just needs a few more days of this before realizing we really mean business!




For some comic relief – there were a couple of variations the last few days. Yesterday, for example, it took me 51 times of putting him back into bed for it to stick! FIFTY-ONE. That’s ridiculous. Isn’t it?


Scattered throughout the last few days Jackson has decided that he’s a CAT. Yes, the kind that go “meow”… he literally gets out of bed crawling, comes to the door and crawls up to me MEOWING. Who is this kid?! It is seriously hard to keep a straight face!




He also has been fascinated with his feet. When I see him get out of bed on my Lorex spy cam, I go to the door and he sprints back into bed and screams ‘FEET!’ while showing me his feet. Okay. I’m glad he knows where his feet are and that it brings him soooo much joy… but it’s nap time, put your feet down, close your eyes and sleep please!




We’ve had a couple of pooping incidents. Thank goodness they were all IN the diaper! Of course he chooses nap time to decide that he really needs to relieve himself. Off to the closet he goes to hide in a corner and do his business in private.


The jumping on the bed & somersault thing is also alive and well… at least once every “session.” Again, super hard to keep a straight face and put him back to bed when he just looks so darn cute and happy!




As for me, I must admit, my patience wears very thin… four days and still not much improvement. When I get really frustrated by his antics… that’s when I call in my secret weapon – DADDY.




Together we’ll succeed but we just need to keep at it. Life is still swell :)







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8 Responses

  1. Kay says

    What’s the outcome of Jacksons sleep training? How’d you do it? My 2 yo doesn’t want to sleep in his toddler bed, but on a futon in his room. AND I have to lie with him until he falls asleep which takes forever! This all happened right after he turned 2. He slept awesome in his crib before then, even putting himself to sleep every night. HELP!

    • Malika says

      Hey! Sorry it took so long for me to reply. I have MAJOR spam issues with my blog and the thousands of spam comments bury my real ones. This is timely because my youngest is turning two soon and we are having the same problem! Jackson was a deep sleeper and eventually we just slowly got him to go to bed in his own bed. He probably just outgrew it. My daughter however is now going to sleep on a futon out in the living room because she screams bloody murder if we put her in her crib. Do you have advice for me??

  2. Anonymous says

    Malika try this. If it works can I have 2 stickers, 1 of each color. lol
    After you lay him down and say your last word to him, because he gets up so much stay just outside his door (so you don’t have to walk so much)on the floor or a chair. Do not speak, or make any sounds such as sighs etc because he is getting up, or make eye contact or facial expressions to him until nap time is over. Hard I know. Each time his feet hit the floor don’t look at him just pick him up and lay him down and walk out. Don’t say anything to him either. Keep repeating this until he falls asleep. If you engage him by talking or sighing or making faces etc he will continue to get up. Ignore him completely each time he gets out of bed. Eventually he will get the message and stop getting out of bed.If he can see you from the bed outside his door that is ok just turn your back to him. Only go in the room if his feet hit the floor and never engage him with words, faces, sighs or eye contact, completely ignore him, even if he cries. Good luck.

    • Malika says

      We started to do this technique too! We start with the routine and explaining it to him then after the 5th or so time we go into the “supper nanny” method of not talking and simply standing by his bed and putting him back in- over and over – literally 50 times. Crossing fingers!

  3. Emily Dudley says

    Wow lix! Good work! And hilarious

    • Malika says

      It’s sooo funny! So hard to keep a straight face Em! Hey, when do you think you can come in November?

  4. Kamila Dudley says

    Très marrant! Je peux te dire que tu n’étais pas comme ça bébé! Tu allais dormir à 19 h et tu te réveillais à 7 heures. Tu faisais la sieste sans problème… As-tu essayé de remettre le côté du lit comme ça il ne peut pas sortir? Surveille-le car comme je le vois, il pourrait escalader le lit et tomber!
    Bonne chance

    • Malika says

      C’est dommage qu’il n’est pas comme moi! mdr Remettre le cote du lit ne ferra rien… il est trop malin et trop fort! Il a un nouveau lit qui est prêt du sol :) On a hate de vous voir dans un mois! bises! minou