The Wall Of Love…



Every year I post our Christmas and holiday cards on two rows of strings on our wall. I love receiving Christmas cards, reading them and looking at them! Makes my heart smile to see the smiling faces of family and friends on that wall as I walk up our stairs into our home. When I take a step back I suppose it’s a bit messy to look at but honestly all I see when I look at that wall… is LOVE.
Last year, I ended up leaving them up all year long! As I we got notes, photos, cards and letters from family and friends throughout the year – I added them to the wall. When Jackson did an art project at the library or at home – I would add it to the wall. The wall ended up having a life of its own. A wonderful, joyous, artistic, happy life!
Once I started getting this year’s holiday and Christmas cards I knew it was time to take down my 2014 wall, but I didn’t want to just throw everything away!
As a family we decided we would compile everything in a binder. I bought a simple white binder at Costco and sheet protectors, took all of the memorabilia off the wall and filed it away.
It’s not the fanciest nor most creative way to display them – but who cares! lol The true value lies in the contents… all I see is LOVE.
Life’s Swell…



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