TRAVEL CHANNEL: Outrigger Canoe Paddling & Supsquatch!

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For our Travel Channel project, it was amazing to start our first day off with some time in the water! We shot the tandem surfing, outrigger canoe surfing and supsquatch surfing in a couple of hours down in Waikiki. A BIG mahalo goes out to Todd Bradley from C4Waterman for providing not only the equipment but also the expertise.


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First off, it was so incredible… I feel like our shoot was blessed – there was a monk seal basking in the sun on Kaimana beach and a bright rainbow formed in the sky right above it. Then, I found a butterfly on the sand! So special… Anyhoo… back to the subject at hand! We went out on the “traditional” Hawaiian outrigger canoe first. Since we shot the tandem scenes at the same time, we towed the boards over to our surf spot (I think it was Tong’s? Maybe Old Man’s? Can’t remember. lol). We took turns tandem surfing and canoe surfing until we got all of the shots.


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The waves weren’t huge or anything but they also weren’t flat. We had a great time! Lots of laughter, high fives and chee-hoos! So fortunate to have Todd steering the boat and keeping us out of trouble!


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Once we got all of the outrigger shots we came in and swapped out for the “new school” supsquatch board. I feel so lucky to have witnessed the invention of this giant inflatable board.


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Several years ago, my buddy Lanai and I were hanging out with waterman extraordinaire, Brian Keaulana, on a regular basis. We called ourselves the three musketeers! lol The idea for the supsquatch started from this super thin water mat, which Brian later made into a thicker material that could support more weight. We used this new water mat to train and one day Brian says we should paddle in a circle to work out. The lightbulb went off and he thought “I should make a board out of this!” The rest, as they say, is history. The supsquatch and supsquatch surfing have come a looooong way since those days!


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We had so much fun supsquatching that day! It’s always great to take people out who have never done it before. That day we had 3 newbies, so it was super fun! We caught a bunch of nice ones!


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And even managed a great wipeout!


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So much fun! Life’s Swell…


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